Vastu Shastra

Vastu Represents ‘residence’ the place where you live and Shastra represents ‘Vidya’ means knowledge . So Vastu Shastra can be define as the science concern with designing and building of houses. It allows one to get the natural benefits provided by the five primary components of the universe in which we all stay. These primary components are Akash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Paani (Water), Agni (Fire), and Vayu (Wind). Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in compatibility with these primary five components of nature.

It is basically based on direction as there are eight directions namely, northeast, north, southeast, east, southwest, south, northwest and west. The basic aim of  Vastu Shastra is to carry optimistic powers into house by making some architectural changes in house. It ensures a cordial relation between human being and the nature which brings happiness pleasure, health, wealth, prosperity and success. It also provide a peaceful environment and supporting the spiritual, physical prosperity and health.

The historic artefacts say that Vastu is based on two forces “positive” and “negative” which are constantly interacting each other on the surface of the area. These forces should get disrupted whenever any structure is created on a vacant area, to keep things in balance.Vaastu Shastra Services is an effective & functional way to make a major difference in yours life. It performs a huge role in health, pleasure & harmony.

Why Follow Vastu?

It is believed that God is present towards North-East. That is why our forefathers always was emphasized on having a body of water in this route to make sure success. Now see the geographical location of a small country like Asia one of the most significant systems of water in the form of the Hawaiian Beach which describes the reason of its growing success.