Vedic Hindu wedding is considered as sacramental, which is a long-term responsibility of one male and one female. It is the most effective connection between a man and a female, which happen in the presence of their parents, family members, relatives and associates. One important thing is that after taking the pheras which is going around the fireplace boy and girl they got new relationship called husband and wife.

For human being Marriage is the only way to proceed their family and thereby pay back, his debts to his forefathers. Most important thing is that all the Hindu god and goddess also follow and get unite in this marriage relationship. Marriage is for religious and spiritual growth and a way of acquiring many things in life through experience. everyday life through experience. Marriage is the best way of following the sacred law of the Creator. People can marry in eight ways:

Brahma : This is most common way of getting marry. In this method kanyadan is performed by holy parents parents who born girl.

Daiva : In this method kanyadan is done by the God-fearing parents.
Aarsha : It is the ancient method in which kanyadan by parents with 5 other gifts.

Prajaapatya : In this method kanyadan is done with honor and respect.

Asur : It is love marriage in which boy girl who want to marry with each other they get married without envolving their parents.

Gandharv Vivah : This marriage is done for getting money from the partner.

Raakshas : As the name is raakshas so in this forceful girl is captured.

Paishaach : In this method, intercourse is done in asleep or intoxicated situation thus ttaking full liability to secure her for permanently.